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Frame & Fix

We offer an extensive range of quality timber for the early phase of a renovation or new construction.

Framing Pine MGP 10 in all the relevant sizes and quality F17 Hardwood from Ashline.

A full range of LVL’s, Liquid Nails, Silicones, Hanger brackets, Joist hangers and Concrete Stumps.

Batten screws and a wide range of loose nails.

Paslode Nails (Fixing & Framing). Senco Nails (Fixing & Framing).

We have a wide range of products for the second (or fixing) stage of the project.

Sisalation, Pink Batts, Polyester Batts, Plaster and plaster accessories. All your fixing, filling and finishing needs.

Door jambs and KD hardwood boards for great finishes.

And much much more.

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Here’s how it works.

  1. Ring the store.
  2. Order your goods.
  3. Confirm a pick up time.
  4. Arrive at store at that time.
  5. Open your boot or car back door.
  6. Tap EFT and go.

Or for $10 we deliver to your door. 5km radius.

Fitzroy 03 9481 4973.
Caulfield 03 9509 9811.
Brighton 03 9596 2888.

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